Prices and varietals may change without notice. Please check with us for most updated changes.



Platter for up to 10 guests 15pcsPlatter for up to 30 guests 40pcs
Assorted cheeses & cracker platter$60.00$75.00
Assorted fresh cut vegetables with dip$55.00$70.00
Vegetarian mediterranean pasta salad$45.00$85.00
Assortment of Peacock Sandwitches cut in bite size. Wide selection available$100.00$300.00
Hyrollers: lavash bread spread with cheese, tomato, sprouts, fresh basil rolled and cut into finger bite size$29.25$78.00
With turkey or ham$33.75$90.00
Belgian endives with Eggplant puree & Pomegaranate$33.75$90.00
Tomato Mozarella bruschetta$33.75$90.00
Tomato and mozzarella on a stick or Belgina endives$41.25$110.00
Tomato and mozzarella on a stick or Belgina endives$37.50$100.00
Homemade Chips, guacamole and tomato salsa$35.00$50.00
Mushrooms and goat cheese tartlets$37.50$100.00
Mini crabcakes, ramoulade sauce$44.25$118.00
Grilled creole jumbo shrimp with cocktail sauce$48.75$130.00
Mini meatballs$33.00$88.00
Grilled chicken skewers$37.50$100.00
Chicken fingers$37.50$100.00
Mini Beef Wellington$67.50$180.00
Cheese Burger sliders with choice of cornichon, sauteed mushrooms & onion$59.25$158.00
Puff pastries filled with seafood or Vegetable$56.25$150.00
Baby rack of lamb$74.25$148.50


Platter for up to 10 guests 15pcsPlatter for up to 30 guests 40pcs
Chocolate chip cookies$22.50$60.00
Assorted mini tarts$37.50$100.00

Prices vary for events held at Peacock Café regarding room fee and service.

Other items may be prepared from the Peacock daily menu.

Please add 10% for delivery.

Thank you for having Peacock Café cater your event. Please call us at 202-625-2740.


3251 Prospect St. NW.
Washington, DC 20007

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