Kristen Wiig Was Just Spotted Shopping on 14th Street, NW

Kristen Wiig was spotted shopping on 14th Street, Northwest, Friday afternoon. Wiig is in town filming the Wonder Woman movie sequel, Wonder Woman 1984, in which she plays Barbara Minerva, also known as Cheetah. Comics fans know her character as a supervillian, an artifact-obsessed archaeologist seeking to obtain, among other things, Wonder Woman’s Lasso of Truth. Preliminary set stills show Wiig portrayed in what appears to be a natural history museum.

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Wiig stopped into both Salt & Sundry and Little Leaf  for some light shopping in a casual-cool ensemble of yellow overalls, a striped shirt, some apparently well-loved Birkenstocks, and giant sunglasses.

A witness described her as “cute and unassuming.” Wiig is apparently a fan of quality paper goods: she appeared to pick up some cards.

Besides Wiig, Gal Gadot, who plays Diana Prince, has been spotted several times around town, including dining at Rasika, hanging out around Georgetown at the Peacock cafe, as well as hovering over the Capitol Building. The original Wonder Woman, Lynda Carter, has also been making appearances as late. Carter is not only a local (she lives in Potomac) also a serious Caps fan.